Thursday, June 23, 2011

Friend in Need - Friend indeed

Yesterday, a very wise and dear "non-writer" friend wrote some extremely profound words to me. She knew all about my "adventure" during my get-away, because she was in fact part of it. This is what she wrote:

"Your book is something you are doing for you. If nothing ever becomes of it or it becomes a “Best Seller” it was for your own personal satisfaction of writing and that comes when it comes. You can’t schedule a week-end & say ……OK now I’m gonna get inspired and spew forth “writing”. You know that sometimes it comes easy & others not so much. I think that is life in general…………if it came easy we wouldn’t appreciate the effort put into things."

Pretty powerful stuff, huh?! Even though I know all those things, it's always good to hear them again, and from someone looking at my situation from a different view.

Last night I decided to pursue other interests for awhile. For some reason, I remembered a cross-stitch sampler I started years ago. I think I bought it to have something to do while riding in a long car trip. Surprisingly, I actually know where I stored it, so I'll be able to grab it and work on it whenever the mood hits. This in turn, reminded me of another very sweet memory. When I was pregnant with Mark, I was on a cross-stitching frenzy! I worked on them at home while watching TV. I sewed on them at work when I was at lunch or an afternoon break. I have no idea why, but it was like an addiction. I made two large samplers, framed them, and hung them in our living room. I know where they are stored, too, and might just dig them out and hang them upstairs in our loft.

Oh...and that was stamped cross-stitch, NOT counted! You know that math and I don't get along, right? Who knows what words I would've stitched if I had to count the spaces!! Probably words like the verification ones we get on Blogger!

Ahhh....and as always, one memory leads to another, and might eventually find a place in my memoir.

Two quotes today because I love them both.

“The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.” – Vladimir Nabokov

“I think it is all a matter of love: the more you love a memory, the stronger and stranger it is.” – Vladimir Nabokov


  1. Becky,
    Your book will become a book when you're ready.

    Think of it like a pregnancy - it takes time to grow a life...and now, it takes time to put that life to paper.

    It'll happen. While you're waiting for the right moment (or the "write moment"), continue on - and you'll be reminded of other thoughts and stories you'll not want to omit.

    I'm proud of how much you've done so far!

    And my word verification today? Canne - and yes, YOU can, and will, finish one day.

  2. Wise words from a friend and wise of you to listen. Sometimes we need to not try so hard and let it come naturally. It will Becky just hang in there. hugs, Linda

  3. You can't schedule creativity. It will flap around inside your skull like a bat recently escaped from a middle school attic, until it decides to hang upside down under a cafeteria table, where it can no longer be ignored.

    You'll know when it's time.

  4. Hi Becky. I love those last two quotes at the end of your post today, and what a lovely thing for that friend to send you. As June said, you should be very proud of yourself for what you have done so far. My mum used to do lots of cross-stitch pictures, and I have them framed. They were so much a part of her that I could never get rid of them.

  5. Becky, thank you darling for always saying such kind and thoughtful things when you stop by, you are just a sweetie! Your book is coming along, cannot wait for it to be finished, I've heard it said it takes a while, You have a gift darling, hang in there, we're all ready to read it when the time it right.. hugs ~lynne~ Isn't our weather fantastic????

  6. Your friend's words are very wise. And they are something I need to take to heart as well, especially when it comes to blogging. It can be a discouragement when you put your whole self into doing a blog post, and then hardly anyone comments on it, which makes me feel that no one is even reading it. But I've had to remember that I don't blog for others...I blog because I enjoy the writing process. So, it's something I'm actually doing for me, and if anyone else happens to read, then that's the gravy.

    I always used to enjoy counted cross-stitch, and I'm thinking of taking it up again. On my recent trip, I made my first-ever visit to Hobby Lobby (with my sis-in-law), and I discoverd a beautiful counted cross-stitch kit I want to do.

    Have a wonderful day.


  7. I think she is right - the writing will come on it's own time. And the writing is for YOU!

  8. Hi, Becky. I can't add much to what has been said. It is all valid and true. Just let inspiration come and don't force it. But mostly remember that it should be fun! Don't forget to play along the way and the muse will return. Sounds like you have that figured out anyway!

  9. Hey June, Linda, Val, Thisisme, Lynne, Patti, Chatty and Bookie....Thank you all so much for such generous and kind comments. Y'all really gave me a pick-me-up!

  10. Becky, be sure and read Linda's post is inspirational!

  11. Relax Becky - that's what I'm doing... that and yard work, he he he. It'll all come together when it needs to, but write when you can regardless.

  12. Your friend's words are definitely very wise, and I think I needed to read them as well, I'm going to try to take them to heart. I think you are doing the right thing by getting back into the cross stitch, the book will come when you are ready and the time is right.
    Love the quotes as always!

  13. Hi Bookie ~ I think I already read Linda's post, but I'll go back and check! Thanks!

    Hey Lynn ~ Thanks! I know it will all work out the way it's supposed the grand scheme of things!

    Hi Julie ~ Thank you! And I'm glad you like the quotes, too! I need to get back over to your blog sometime soon....and those of so many others!

  14. YOU are the one who determines the timeline. Writing a book--just like life---is not a race. It's a journey.

  15. Hi Sioux! You are so correct! And I even "preach" this kind of thing all the time...yet I didn't realize I was going about it the wrong way. Thank you!

  16. Aloha Becky!
    Your friend is wise indeed, how wonderful to have such a dear friend.
    I think you're doing just fine; you're writing, taking a break by cross stitching is just fine. It's a wonderful tool, just think of all the creative ideas that will pop into your thoughts as you're stitching. But keep that notebook (or post-its) handy to jot them down immediately.
    Love you dear friend,

  17. Hi Becky,

    Those are wise words. I'm pretty sure that just getting a change of scenery and having an adventure will enrich your story, as it has your life.

    Have fun with doing your "other things"!

    Take care,

    Kathy M.

  18. Hi Grammie ~ Thanks so much for such kind words! You're a gem!

    Hey Kathy ~ Thank you, too, my dear! You always are so supportive!

  19. Nabokov is a genious! love the quotes, especially the first one is so powerful... your words are invisible Becky, but are there..waiting for the right moment to appear...and they glide everytime you share your heart with us!
    Have a great weekend!

  20. Ah, some great, great quotes! Very inspiring.

    Hey Becky, if you join twitter, it's pretty easy. I was kind of freaked out, but it's day two for me, and it's becoming less and less weird. Although, it's a time suck though. It's like there's a party in your house you never knew about, and you just opened the door to the party room...

  21. OJ ~ Thank you so much. Sometimes I just can't believe what wonderful blog friends I have!

    Hi Lydia ~ Oh no! I definitely do not need another time-sucker! :o
    But I'll give it a try!


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