Friday, June 17, 2011


It's time for another Friday, "I Wonder" communique'.

(graphic courtesy Rose Petals from Heaven)

1)  I wonder why some people have the kind of  mathematical brain that makes it easy (and fun) for them to work on those never-ending, xyz kind of problems......

(photo taken by Becky at Parks College 2009)

.....and then there's people like me, who run screaming at the sight of any "math" equation that contains letters and other funny-looking signs. I.just.don'

And that would most likely explain why I'm a writer!

Part of my adventure yesterday was driving my son, Mark over to Cahokia, Illinois (not to be confused with Cahokia Mounds. Two totally different places!) Cahokia is a small town just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. Cahokia Mounds is a state park in Collinsville, Illinois, approximately 10 miles northeast of the town of Cahokia. Very confusing for some people.

Long story short: My dad was first a student and then a professor at Parks Air College, which was located there for many years. HE definitely had the math brain. He taught kinetics, which I'd never heard of and had to look it up in the dictionary. Hmm...well, it's some kind of math dealing with forces and motion, etc....has to do with planes and pilots!

(photo taken by The Ronald at Parks College 2009)
(I'm pointing at a photo of my dad that I supplied)

First we had lunch at Oliver's which is located at St. Louis Downtown Airport. (Another confusing name! It's NOT in St. Louis, nor is it DOWNTOWN!) Check out their website. The food was really good and we saw small planes land and take off. I just noticed on their site that they have some sort of helicopter dinner tours! Sounds fun! 

Anyway...for some reason, it had never occurred to me to show Mark the house I lived in as a little girl, my old grade school, church, etc. We also drove past the old location of Parks. Then it was on to the SLU (St. Louis University) campus on Lindell Street in St. Louis, which has been home to Parks for a few years. (That's probably more info than anyone cared to know!)

Although I've felt various emotions over the years concerning my dad, I'm still always proud of him for his Parks College years and the family life we had way back then. It was truly a wonderful life.

"Failure is not an option." -- Gene Kranz 1954 Parks College graduate. Portrayed by Ed Harris in the movie, "Apollo 13"


  1. Oh, if you were at SLU, you were close to where I was on Wednesday. A friend and I went shopping and ended up at Pappy's Smoke House---the best BBQ in town.

  2. Interesting Post and a nice tribute to you Father :)

  3. Hi Sioux! Yep, we were there..inside the McDonnell Douglas Building!

    Hi Patricia ~ Thank you!

  4. I'll bet that was fun for you and your son. Making memories.

  5. Such a nice post to read, and I Know you had a great day. Also thanks for visiting my tea party today...I too wish you were close enough to sip with us!

  6. What a great memory. The photo of you is so sweet!

  7. Hi Becky! Great minds think alike! I also mentioned math and Apollo 13 in my post this past week. Your post made me think about the levels of math. I claim good math skills, but I absolutely stop before all the letters are introduced. When that happens, I consider it science, and I suck at science!

  8. Hi Becky, I am one of those math people. I love problem solving math equations.

    I do not like reading much. That is why your writing is so special to me.



  9. Sounds a fun day! I am with you on the math thingee! No no no complicated math for me! I could probably do it, but I'd hate it!

    Writing, drawing, LIVING, these are what we pursue...(cyphering just doesn't FLOW does it?)

    Smiles and hugs
    hope you are enjoying a wonderful day!!!

  10. What a touching post. I really enjoyed reading about your trip and father.

    Ellie Garratt

  11. I wonder how ANYONE can get excited about Physics (like my daughter) but then I'm just glad SOMEBODY's willing to do it. Because we'd be cooking over a fire if the world depended on me to come up with the microwave.

    Is that even Physics?

    P.S. My dad was a professor of Chemistry and Physics. I can still remember him, grading stacks of college exams and thinking he must be the smartest man in the world! Isn't it funny the things we remember/love about or dads?

  12. I used to really like maths, but I haven't done it properly for years.

  13. I wonder if math is like magic..not everybody has the power for it. Keep wondering!! love it!

  14. What a nice post about your Dad !
    Hope you and your son had a great time.

    I am with you on the math thing. I had parents who were brains at math and couldn't understand why none of their kids got it or were good at it. So I blamed it on the fact that my Mom smoked like a chimney while pregnant with us and killed all our math brain cells. Writing cells are tougher, therefore, I'm a writer too !

  15. Hi Linda ~ Yes, Mark really enjoyed it!

    Hi Claudia ~ Thanks! I'm with you in spirit, sipping tea!

    Hi Donna ~ Awww, Thanks!

    Hey Katie ~ Wow! I'll have to check your Apollo 13 blog post! I feel honored to be in your company!

    Hi Mo ~ Thanks! Well, there ya go! We all help each other, don't we?!

    Hi Julia ~ Thanks! Yes, LIVING is what it's all about!

    Hi Ellie ~ Awww, thank you!

    Hi Cathy C. ~ Oh yeah. I think I remember you telling me about your dad, too! :)

    Hey Rachel ~ You're probably not doing math, because now you're using your "writing" brain instead!

    Hi OJ ~ I agree.....Math is Magic..the kind I don't care to figure out how it works! LOL

    Hey Nonna ~ LOL. I loved your comments!! I agree totally!!


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