Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Centus - Football


It's Saturday Centus time, via Jenny Matlock's blog. I haven't participated in Jenny's meme for such a long time and today seems like the perfect day to begin again. Why? Because it's September 1st and the prompt is: "Are You Ready For Some Football?"

WORD COUNT -  Not to exceed 106
PICTURES - Any Additional 

For more rules and more 100 word writings using the prompt go to 

Below is my entry:

Poised Excitement

Are you ready for some football? You bet your sweet patootie I am! Being such a klutz, though, and a possible danger to myself and others, it's best for me to stay home and watch games on television.

One time I attended a local college game, and as I moseyed along a concrete walkway, I tripped and fell, scraping my hands and knees while soda, ice, and a warm pretzel went flying through the air. The force of my fall caused a slight lack of bladder control, thus causing way more embarrassment than any physical pain.

Hooray for Big Screen TV and a nearby bathroom!


  1. Fun, fun, fun at the football stadium. Cute story, Becky!


  2. Who are you rooting for, then? My GA Bulldogs are up 24-16 over Buffalo at halftime right now! GO DAWGS!!!!! :) :) :)

  3. Oh I fear doing something like that.
    At our college, the steps are SO STEEP! And benches hard and close together...wish THEIR games were on TV for hubby.

    Thanks for lovely notes everywhere this morning. Still raining in afternoon here...thought it was to be gone by now?

  4. Sounds like it is a safety issue for you watch on big screen at home. Though at least you get instant replay and quarter back the game from the comfort of your couch. Enjoy!

  5. Wow, that was not a fun trip to the stadium, Becky!

    Regarding the creme brulee finale photo? Guess what? I FORGOT to snap a shot and lo and behold, when I looked in the glass pan again, it was almost gone.

    Sorry. You're gonna have to make it to see the finished product! Ha! Susan PS Thanks a lot for the visit and comment. Susan

  6. You painted such a great picture. That would have been me on the sidewalk!

  7. oh ouch!! What some fans won't do for a good game, no?! Well done!

  8. This is why I watch football from the best seat in the house-my comfy chair:@)

  9. Ouch. Pain and humiliation together. Never a good mix.

    For myself I would rather watch paint dry than watch (endure) a single game of football. To each her own.

  10. I love really feels like Fall when the games start! Nice story, Becky! Happy weekend!

  11. So funny! I feel your pain. I went to my sons' football game last night and it was so hot, I downed several icy cold diet cokes. By fourth quarter of a close game, I had to go; but couldn't leave the stands. So every time something great happened I had to stand, clap, cheer, and kegel, kegel, kegel!!

  12. Ouch!! I think it's better you stay home too and watch the games on TV, lol.

  13. Ohhhhh yesssss! The Humorist and Bliss-follower is back! I haven't written my Centus yet, but I'll "tackle" it sometime today. Rah, Becky!!!!

  14. Hi becky! Love your story:)) enjoy football season!

  15. Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving comments! I truly appreciate it!

  16. It sure made me smile :)

  17. I agree. Sooooo ready for football!

    Critter Alley

  18. Great post :D Sorry about the stadium incident :) Thanks for sharing your stories :D

  19. Hey thanks to nimaruichi, K9 Friend, and Amy Bird!

  20. I am laughing WITH you, I promise!

    I've done this exact same thing...albeit not at a football game but still...

    The humiliation is fresh in my mind!


    This was fabulous. I'm all for the safety of home when watching any TV events!


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