Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A Little Decorating....
As you can see, the kitchen in our townhouse has definitely not been updated lately. It has the old wood grain countertops, old kitchen cabinets, and a white tile backsplash over the sink. The renters before us painted some of the walls red, which I don't dislike, and have actually come to embrace.
Months ago I decided I was going to put black and red "scrolly" stickers on the tile to give it a little umph. I found the black ones at Hobby Lobby but searched everywhere in stores and online for similar ones in red. I could not find any.
I came across other designs that I thought might work,
but it's too long and way too boring of a story, so here is the finale. Ta Da!
I just added those very few red squares to give it some red color and
 I think I did okay in achieving the Umph. What do you think?
Oh, and how do you like the tiny lights I put under the cabinets? It looks so pretty in the evening when they are the only lights on in the kitchen.
A Little Cleaning....

I don't have any photos to share, at this moment of any cleaning I've been doing. More on that later.... J
And, A Job......

Have I mentioned I'd been "semi" job hunting the past couple of months? Full-time or part-time, hopefully close to home. I wasn't being very picky, and yet it appeared that either I was too old, or didn't have the skills for much of anything! Depressing! So, just when I decided to forget about it, a job came along.
Isn't that how things usually happen?! It's like my favorite quote/personal mantra by Joseph Campbell:
"I say, follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be."
For now, I'll just say this. It's part-time. I start tomorrow. It's close to home. And, I'm a bit nervous! Wish me luck, and I'll report back soon!
* I'd like to welcome my newest follower: Sandi of Dandelion Tea. Hello Sandi! I hope you always enjoy what you read and see. Thank you very much! *


  1. Love the fairy lights. And good luck tomorrow. They are lucky to have you - and should realise it quickly.

  2. Your backsplash has pizazz. A friend painted three living room walls red and one pink where she displays family photos. Sounds horrible but looks so good.

  3. Those little lights are a GREAT idea!

  4. Stickers on tile? You are so clever! Good luck on new job!

  5. Good luck....you'll be terrific.

  6. I'm sure you'll do well at whatever job you undertake. The kitchen is cute, and I need to join you on those cleaning projects. I have tons to do. Take care Becky.

  7. You will excel at any job you have. Can't wait to hear more about it.

    Red walls---something I would never have chosen myself, but, like you, which I have come to embrace. Some of the walls on the main level of our house are a deep, brick red. Other walls are red on bottom, with beige on top, separated by a wallpaper border. While I sometimes feel the deep red makes things too dark, I also think it adds a richness and elegance.

    Have a great day.


  8. Hi Becky....Congrats on the job. Is it retail? In a store? What will you be doing? I think that's great. Love that you are adding your own touches to the condo! Cool! Susan

  9. Love your backsplash! What a great idea. And good luck with your job! You'll do great. :)

  10. How fabulous that you got a new job! Kudos and congratulations. I'm praying you won't be nervous after your first half hour ;-) I think you did a wonderful job with the backsplash too. I like the splashes of colour and I also like the "fairy lights". Well done!

  11. Hope your job turns out as well as that backsplash!

  12. Hi Becky! Love the backsplash, and I think I'm going to steal your idea about using the little lights. Good luck on the job. I'm eager to hear all about it.

    Critter Alle

  13. I certainly do wish you lots of luck with your new job. I too have been looking for another job at least part time but at my age not having much luck either so I am praying this works out well for you.
    Love your new backsplash too. The lights are too cute. Great ideas that you will enjoy.
    Hope your well and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  14. I love what you did with it!! You're so creative :)

  15. I'm totally loving the kitchen and amen to landing a job when you think you wouldn't have!!

  16. Hi Becky, your kitchen is cute! I hope that you are enjoying your new job. I haven't been on my blog for most of this month and am just getting around to making visits today. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Kathy M.

  17. Yep, love the lights and the red! And I finally finished (turned out that I only had about ten pages) the memoir! YAY! (Just to say, it had nothing to do with the memoir and everything to do with Precious the Laptop...I had the Kindle version of your book and the battery on my laptop won't hold a charge anymore so I had to sit at the desk and read...which is just something I never think to do. But I'm glad I did today! Loved it, Becky P!)

  18. Congrats on your new job! Your kitchen is very warm and inviting.


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